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Hi, Ron. Yes, I was having problem in the IPhone. I was able to get the list of videos after going to the last video. I was able to do it twice, although I can’t tell you how I did it. Thanks for getting me back to me so quickly! I just subscribed for 6 more months because I am learning so much from Jaime. My husband also has a sock machine so we watch together. He was a newbie a year ago. He just made 102 pairs of socks in all adult sizes (hoping to demonstrate his machine at the local Christmas market). They want us to register as small business so we can legally collect 20% sales tax and do tax reporting. We were hoping to avoid this because we may not do this long term. Forthe time being, we will try fiber festivals hoping they don’t have the same requirement. Now we are making “Frankensocks” with the left over yarns.

Cordially, Marilyn (and Larry) Griffith 13560 Senas, France Sent from my iPhone

> On 2 Sep 2019, at 15:44, Ron Duff <> wrote: > > Sorry you are having trouble, I checked my Iphone and was able to access the list ok (harder on an Iphone than a computer) 573-450-5254 if you need more help call me (leave message if I don't pick up so I know who to call back) > > Ron >


On 9/2/2019 8:18 AM, Marilyn Griffith wrote: >> Hi, Ron. >> >> I just extended subscription for another 6 months on sockmachine. net. I am suddenly having trouble getting the drop down list of training videos available on the website. >> >> Suggestions? >> >> Marilyn Griffith >> Southern France >> >> Sent from my iPhone >>


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I watched your video on heels.  I cannot say thank you enough.  My problem this entire time is that I hung my heel weights to high up.  I was constantly fighting with drop stitches and the stitches being too tight to hand knit.


I just made a heel in less than 20 minutes (went extremely slow and made sure latches did what they were supposed to) and adjusted my center heel weight only once.


This lesson was worth all I have ever paid to watch SockTV.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Happy Socktv Member


PS, tell Ron he really got the camera in close for this video and it helped.

I will tell him!!!  That’s the goal!!!  I am so happy!!!  Good job!!!



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Name : New Member

Message : I'm so grateful for socktv. I've been working through the manual (which is very clear) but actually seeing the processes and the troubleshooting and solutions and explanations are such a big help! Thank you Jamie & Ron!

12/31/2018, 8:53 AM

Ack I let my membership expire! I’ve signed up for 3 months this time. Paid through PayPal this morning. How long does it take to be reinstated? Thanks so much Ron! I’m enjoying the videos.

9/19/2018, 6:19 PM

Hello Jamie, I was in contact with you earlier in the year. I was turning 50 in the earlier part of the year & asking for help getting past my newbie problems with my speedster. I own #775. I see you use and mention variety of tools (heel forks) & yarns that aren't on the erlbacher website. Is there another location to purchase items that you recommend? Please let me know. Thank you, Kim P.S. Today I made my first pair of sport socks WITHOUT SUNDAYS. :)



3:23 AM
Name    REIKO

Message    Hi Jamie, I'm a few knitter who use a circular sock machine in Japan. My teacher is only you and YouTube. I've made your mock ribb socks today but I'm not satisfied it. Because I can't make kitchener stitch well. I always make a small sharp point? horn? on both side (from start and end) I tired to find the Video that you teach me how to make beautiful kitchener stitch but I can't find it. I send some pictures to your e-mail. And I hope you'll teach me about the bad point. Aloha Reiko


Name    Jeanette
        I found some videos on you tube on your channel. Sorry for bothering you. Keep up the good work.
        3:06 PM

2:15 PM
Name    Jeanette

Message    Could you do a segment on finishing the sock? I can read but I like being able to see it done. I have had my sock machine for a while but unfortunately I have so many things I like to do I haven't spent a lot of time with my machine. I really enjoy your videos.


7:01 PM

Message    Good evening. Just love sockTV. How often do you post new videos? You just seem so common like my neighbor and a friend. Blessings, Diane in Wabash, IN


10:25 AM
Name    Anne

Message    Hi Jamie, Just joined Socktv and it is fantastic! Watched the 2 leg warmer videos and you mentioned a pattern that you can email. I would love to get it. Thanks so much and I will spread the news about how great this is! Cheers, Anne


6:10 PM
Name    Genevieve

Message    Hi there! I love the collection of videos--I can't wait to try out something other than socks on my machine! I remember catching the end half of "The Anatomy of a Sock" when it was livecast. I would love to see that again as a training video if you are still looking for ideas for what to add! --genevieve


11:21 AM
Name    Kathleen

Message    I bought an old Legare 47 in September and have spent the past 2 months figuring out how to use it with the help of countless online videos and instructions and countless hours of trial and error. UNTIL I found Jamie's heel/toe video. After studying the video and writing out the pattern, I finally "got it"! Her instructions are astonishingly clear and informative, so thank you for that. Question: Can you advise a way to weave in a new yarn while knitting? For instance, when I want to change color, I'd rather not leave the ends hanging and weave them in when the sock is finished and would sincerely appreciate your help on this. Thanks again, Kathleen


Message Hi Jamie - I joined SockTV today and am really happy with it. The close ups are really good this tie around! Thanks, Bonnei


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